The Wedding: The Blog Enters The Couple Travel Niche

I have taken great effort to keep my personal stories away from this travel blog. The urge of sharing my daily life toiling, opinions, rants was too big to ignore, so, one day I gave birth to another blog under a pen name. The adoption of the pen name reveals something about my character- I am really not comfortable sharing my non travel related life discoveries with the world, yet, I yearn the world to read it’s documented version.

This post however is necessary and inevitable as from now onward all my travels will be couple travel focused- my blog transitions to the couple travel blog niche.

Me and Sayan- The Different City Horror

On the 22nd of January 2017, I tied the knot with my long time boyfriend Sayan Banerjee and shifted my base to Mumbai where he lives since the past two years. The last time we lived together in the same city was way back in 2012.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-04 at 9.30.06 AM
Friendship is the key to a successful relationship!

Surviving all the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years with him living in a different city was definitely not an easy task. Also it was those years when the smartphone culture wasn’t in vogue in India. Even with all the technology in place, no amount of whatsapp can replace a real hug; no amount of skype can defeat the joy of watching a sunset together.

IMG-20170331-WA0007-01 (Copy)
A pleasant Marine Drive sunset!

When Destiny Decided We Should Meet

The World knows India to swear by 33 crore Gods and Goddesses but in the state of West Bengal the urban natives, Bengalis, most of them swear by WBJEE. The West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE) rank determines if the candidate will get a chance to study engineering- a profession revered by the Bengalis.

We were strangers when our path crossed for the first time in an April morning; 19th April 2009 to be precise. In the centre of the revered WBJEE. Back then I had no idea beside me was sitting one of the finest student of India. Teenage hormones had successfully ruined my academic performance so I had no great hopes attached to my own grades.

IMG-20170331-WA0004-01 (Copy)
Colour co-ordinated by co-incidence!

Is bonding possible right in the middle of an academic examination?

Hell yes! Often people don’t believe me when I say we bonded with each other while giving an all important academic exam. Well but that’s how it is. You better believe the cliché ‘when you meet the right person everything just falls in place’.

IMG-20170331-WA0030 (Copy)
I love his smile!

In this fiercely competitive examination this stranger actually helped me at the cost of getting his paper cancelled. Since that day he had been helping me from teaching me college mathematics to helping me doing the dishes; from supporting me in the worst of my time to encouraging me to fight back.

IMG-20170331-WA0009-01 (Copy)
‘We’ in 2011! XD
IMG-20170331-WA0008-01 (Copy)
A snap from 2009. Boy we are growing old!

I admit of going into depression from the day he left the city. Though I have many friends it is only in his company that I can show my vulnerability. This constant camouflaging of my weakness in front of the World finally had me drained of all strength. The only good that generated out of this several yearlong depression is the travel blog which I am incredibly proud of.

The Wedding

Finally we got our finances sorted, families involved, and shortlisted a suitable date for the ceremony. Since then my mind had been preoccupied with wedding planning so much that often the groom felt ignored!

IMG_20170329_201323_683 (Copy)
Shubhodrishti- Have you heard about Bengali Eyes?

We had a proper Bengali wedding in the presence of all our family and friends. The amount of attention I was getting for being the bride was monumental.

FB_IMG_1490939843230-01 (Copy)
The Aunts and Cousins!

I am neither religious nor superstitious but I thoroughly enjoyed the rituals. I don’t know their significance but it went on for 4 long days. Yes it was very hectic but absolutely fun.

IMG-20170331-WA0013-01 (Copy)IMG-20170331-WA0017-01 (Copy)IMG-20170331-WA0014-01 (Copy)

Imagine spending 4 long days surrounded by people you love who are in the best of their mood, how can someone dislike such an occasion?

IMG-20170331-WA0021-01 (Copy)
The ‘Goli Brothers’!
IMG-20170331-WA0033 (Copy)
Kids Are The Best People In This World
IMG-20170331-WA0025-01 (Copy)
Here comes Rosogolla eyes and OD
IMG-20170331-WA0022-01 (Copy)
The Girlfriends
IMG-20170331-WA0027-01 (Copy)
The Parents
IMG-20170331-WA0028-01 (Copy)
Mother By Birth And Mother By Law
IMG-20170331-WA0029-01 (Copy)
Father By Birth And Father By Law

With the wedding over, relocation over, I miss those moments on a daily basis. But I love the fact that finally I and Sayan are now living in the same city again, we can hug each other, we can enjoy the sunset together and most importantly we can travel together.

IMG-20170331-WA0006-01 (Copy)

Cheers to our new life!

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-04 at 9.30.06 AM (1)

Practical Information:

Wedding Photographer: Bablu And Anisha Photography (Phone: +91 9830199046)
Bridal Makeup Artist:
Munia Ghosh (Phone: +91 9836174706)
Day Makeup Artist:
Mithu Bhattacharya (Phone: +91 9088417567)
Priya Gopal Bishoyi Gariahat, Adi Dhakeswari Bastralaya Gariahat, Adi Mohinimohan Kanjilaal College Street
Gold Jewellery:
H.K Dutta & Co. Bowbazaar, Senco Jewellery House B.B Ganguly Street
Costume Jewellery:
Shree Hari, Random shops of New Market

This is neither an advertisement nor a recommendation.


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55 thoughts on “The Wedding: The Blog Enters The Couple Travel Niche

  1. The story shared was very beautiful and sweet!.. congratulations!!…I think u ll are a beautiful couple!! The pictures attached were very beautiful and cute!!..Happy traveling as a couple on the voyage called life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. Giving insight of how a traditional Bengali wedding is performed was definitely one of my goals while publishing the post. The long Indian weddings are really (although tiring) enjoyable !


  2. What a beautiful wedding you two had! Your story is so romantic, it must have been a true love from the first sight. And OMG! I think I would not survive a 4-day wedding! Mine was only 1 day and that was already hard to plan and manage. I wish I could go one day to India and experience all this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Marta! You will surely one day get a chance to attend a long Indian wedding. I wish I had a sibling then I could have invited you over for her/his wedding! Though the 4 day long event is hard on the bride and groom and the direct family members; for all other guests its pure pleasure: 4 days of awesome food and party!


  3. A lovely story of your romantic journey united as one. I know personally how hard long distant relationships can be with being far apart. But it seems you have made it! Congratulations on the big day! You looked beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats! You have such a beautiful love story and I’m glad that you have a strong basis of friendship above everything else! I wish you the best!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. We are looking forward to the time we can travel together again without the kids. Not only cheaper, but can go to more places where they would be bored!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Aww this was so lovely to read, and congratulations to you both! You look absolutely stunning in the wedding photos, it looks like you all had such a wonderful time. I’ve never been to a Bengali wedding but Indian weddings in general fascinate me – all the colours and the long celebrations, it’s so wonderful!
    All the best to you both for the rest of your married life!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Congratulations to the lovely couple. You look gorgeous in all the pictures :). Having been married just four months ago, I can totally understand the feeling of shifting to a new place and introduction to new family members, it just feels so surreal.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Wow, first off congratulations to the both of you! Those are powerful words about having to be long distance, but it’s amazing that it’s finally over. Great photos too, I’ve heard stories about these multiple day weddings. They sound pretty crazy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I was debating on the fact if I should delve into the ‘long distance’ rant but then I decided I should. Indian weddings are generally multiple days long! Hope you attend some in future! 🙂


  9. Congratulations! You look so pretty! And I think it’s so amazing of you to still remember the exact date of the time you first met.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. This is such a romantic story, I wish I could find my true partner like you have. You are right that Skype cannot replace hugs or time together. Congratulations on the wedding!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! WBJEE centre,i.e, a competitive exam centre was the last place I was expecting to meet my partner for the first time yet it happened! I am sure you will find your partner too, in someplace you least expect! 🙂


  11. That was such a lovely story. You are perfect for each other. Four days of celebration can be exhausting but I am sure that you had a great time. The yellow sari looks good on you. Your friends look awesome in their saris too.

    Iza c/o Kathy James (Walk About Wanderer)

    Liked by 1 person

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