Hotel Review : Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad

When offered us a discount coupon, we used it as quickly as possible to book our Aurangabad stay. We were aware that Aurangabad would be very demanding a place. After whole days of exploring the UNESCO World Heritage sites and absorbing loads of historical data we were sure to need a calm place to retreat in and sleep the nights away without spending a bomb.

Treebo is a chain of hotels which has earned quite a name for itself in the Indian budget accommodation market. The reason behind the nomenclature ‘Treebo’ has an interesting explanation. The hotel chain derives inspiration from the ‘Bo tree’, commonly known to us by the name fig –  the tree which sheltered Gautama Budhha when he attained enlightenment.

We were very eager to test if this Banyan tree inspired hotel chain can satiate our desire for ‘semi-luxury’ when we return after a body as well as soul wrenching historical experience from the Ajanta and Ellora caves.


The hotel is quite a distance away from the MSRTC bus stand and the Aurangabad railway station. It is located in a silent alley in Osmanpura neighbourhood of Aurangabad. Autos generally charged us INR 60 for a one way trip to the bus stand.

The distance would not be a problem at all if you plan to hire a private vehicle to go sightseeing or visit the Ajanta and Ellora caves. Living away from the railway and bus station has perks of its own, though. This part of the town was cleaner, quieter and the locals here were not hard pressing us to sell products or services!

Check In and Reception Desk

Housed in a building which is also host to some chartered accountancy firm, the Treebo Admiral Suites occupied the upper few floors. Directed by the security guard, we took the lift and arrived at the reception on second floor.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 23 - Lobby

Though the official check-in time is 12 noon, they allowed us in at 7.30 AM without any extra cost. I and my husband have different surnames. Something unpleasant about the system was that, even after we showed the staff our valid identity proof, he questioned us if we were married. Unfortunately, having sex before marriage, living in the same room before marriage, etc are still considered a taboo topic in the conservative Indian society.

We were carrying the soft copy of our marriage certificate in our phones, but it didn’t come to that and the staff took our word for it.

The reception area was tiny but clean with a couple of couches and a floor to ceiling window on one side which allowed loads of natural light to pour in.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 25 - Lift Elevator Poster
Cool Comics

The Room – Durable Furniture

The room was spacious with a very comfortable double bed which could easily accommodate three adults. The mattress was super soft. The white linens were clean but they looked quite old and we would have appreciated better ones. There were pillows, bolsters and cushions. The cushion covers were green in colour, representative of Treebo, but the quality of the same wasn’t impressive.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 9 - Bedroom

A very spacious wooden wardrobe with hangers which can easily fit in a year’s worth of clothes impressed me. Beside the wardrobe, opposite the washroom door and near the exit door was the huge dressing table. The shelf of the dressing table had a ribbed vault. I am sure such a design was chosen by the hotel with good intention, but the ribbed nature allowed for dirt to settle in.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 11- Bedroom

The room had one wall occupied by a window and just by the side of the window was a round table with two height adjustable cushioned chairs. On our 3rd day of stay we enjoyed our breakfast and morning coffee on this table, sitting gleefully in the height adjustable chairs. If I had brought my laptop along, I would have treated this setup as my work desk!

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 10 - Bedroom

The ‘view’ from the window included watching the drama unfolding on the neighbours’ roofs. We decided we were better off pulling the curtains. The curtains were of very good quality.

The room was amply lit up even though two of the lights appeared to be non-functional.

The best thing about the room was the abundance of electrical sockets all over. Let me tell you something frankly, when on long trips we don’t take any chances and often travel with our multi-plug board. It’s awful but so is our need for charging electrical devices – phones, cameras, torches, kindles and what not!

Another thing which requires mention is that, often we find electrical sockets on the wall but no shelf to place our stuff upon. As a matter of fact, due to the lack of surface to place our gadgets on, we end up never using the sockets. This problem was non-existent in Treebo Admiral Suites. Throughout the perimeter of the two long walls of the room, there were glass shelves. We used them to keep our gadgets, purses, books, pens and my (Tania) cosmetics. One of the shelves had a water jug and two glasses to drink water from. Below it was a dustbin with proper garbage bag.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 7 - Bedroom

The bed had two end-to-end running side tables on both the sides. The fact that there was never a dearth of space pleased us both. A landline phone on the bedside table was provided to call the reception.

The Room- Electrical Appliances

The flat screened TV played almost all channels available on the Indian network.

The mini fridge kept just below the TV worked fine and we used it to stock up soft drinks.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 13 - Bedroom

The coffee maker and cups were clean and Treebo provided us a couple of sachets of coffee, tea-bags, fine sugar and milk whitener for free. However, we never used this particular appliance so we cannot attest for it’s working condition.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 12 - Bedroom

The air condition worked fine. No complaints.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 8 - Bedroom

The free wifi was a joke. Yes you heard me right. The signal was pathetic and the password never worked. We asked the concerned people more than thrice throughout our stay and everytime they gave us the same password, but it never worked.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 28 - Witty comics


I (Tania) am very picky when it comes to the washroom. To my delight I found the attached washroom was strikingly clean with a huge mirror and wash basin and an extremely tidy and disinfected chamber pot.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 4 - Washroom

On a shelf rested the complimentary toiletries provided to us by the hotel- a couple of small soaps, shampoo and a sample pack sized VLCC moisturiser.



The bath area was separated from the rest of the washroom by a bathroom curtain and different levelling of the floor. Functional geysers, showers and modern tap system were installed as well.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 5 - WashroomHotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 6 - Washroom

Ample hooks for hanging clothes were on the wall and the entire washroom was tiled.


We were entitled to get the complimentary breakfast for both of us for two days. We skipped the first breakfast(day two of our trip) as we were in a hurry to reach the Ajanta caves. The second day we ate the in-house complimentary breakfast and coffee.

The options were limited; we had to choose between poha and veg sandwich. None of us are poha fans so we settled for veg sandwiches. After half an hour our sandwich arrived. We tasted cucumber, onions and a thick coating of mayonnaise and some herbs clubbed between the breads. The sandwich, I must say, was very tasty.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 16 - Complementary breakfast - Sandwich and coffee
That’s the complementary breakfast for two full grown adults.

BUT, the appalling quantity served as breakfast to two full grown adults broke our heart. Even our little 5-year-old niece eats more than this. We were literally served just two pieces of small bread cut into half and made into a sandwich. It did nothing to satisfy our hunger and we anyway wasted another half an hour eating proper breakfast in a regular eatery, delaying our trip to Daulatabad Fort. Had we known earlier that the hotel serves such less quantity of food in the name of ‘complimentary breakfast’ we wouldn’t have wasted our time waiting for it and could have utilised it getting food elsewhere and chalking up our plans accordingly.

Thankfully, the quantity of coffee was sufficient.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 27 - Menu card
Menu card of Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad.

The corridor

The corridor on our storey had a floor to ceiling glass window with proper couches, same as in the reception area. Cleanliness was very well maintained throughout the hotel. The signature Treebo decorations like installation of green artificial trees, twigs, leaves were seen all over the public areas of the hotel.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 18 - LobbyHotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 19 - Lobby

The best, however, was the witty comics. We loved reading all of them.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 31 - Witty comics

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 29 - Witty comics


The staffs of the hotel were very attentive to all our needs and requirements. We understand that sometimes there are situations which are out of anybody’s control. At no point of time were they rude or unwelcoming. We had called them multiple number of times, sometimes, it was a tap at fault, sometimes for drinking water and sometimes it was the TV which needed attention. We almost felt guilty for calling them up time and again but they were very well behaved all the time.


We both loved our time in this hotel and would love to stay with Treebo again. Though there were some issues with the wifi and complementary breakfast quantity, we are more than willing to get over it and give this hotel another chance. The positives of staying at Treebo-Admiral Suites overweigh the two negatives.

Hotel Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad 30 - Witty comics

Have you ever stayed at any Treebo property? How was your experience? Did my blog help you in taking better informed decision? Comment below and let me know!


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45 thoughts on “Hotel Review : Treebo Admiral Suites Aurangabad

  1. Treebo rooms are making their presence felt in India by providing excellent service at a reasonable cost. This property looks so clean. Didn’t know they have a presence in Aurangabad as well. Would love to check it out soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Seems like a nice budget option. What are they priced at in general? This one seems quite a good location and comfortable to stay in. I should attempt one the next time I am out somewhere to see if these match up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The yatra coupons were gifted to us by , according to amazon we were the lucky winners of the year or something like that. We just got an email from amazon with the codes! 🙂 This year we did some heavy shopping from Amazon so it could be a reason why we were chosen ‘the lucky winner’ . 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The Treebo looks like a nice, clean and comfortable place to return to after exploring the beauty of Ajanta and Ellora. Aurangabad tends to be a bit crowded and dusty especially around the Bus stand and Railway Station, hence the fact that Treebo is located in a quiet neighbourhood is a bonus. I loved the comic messages, they are unique.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Tania. Thx for the review. I’ve not previously heard of the Treebo brand. I’m very surprised about the conservatism regarding male and female having two different names! Glad you enjoyed your stay. I love the cartoons!


  5. The Treebo Admiral Suites looks like the perfect place to stay whilst visiting Aurangbad and even the Ellora and Ajanta caves. If you are visiting the caves with a rented car then the location being away from the train station doesn’t matter. It sounds good because being away from the station you don’t get the hard pressing vendors.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’ve stayed in Treebo in Pondicherry and found it good for the price! I do plan to get to Ajanta Ellora and its good to know there’s this option for my stay! Looks like its easily accessible! Really too bad about the breakfast, even Pondy was like that! Those comics are just too good!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I always get fascinated about Indian’s dishes. Since I can hardly make any, I don’t mind reading about them. Treebo looks like a nice place. Who knew Bo Tree would make such a good name after a backward conversion? Treebo!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. So the one thing that drives me insane is unreliable wifi. I don’t ask for much but when wifi is spotty, it drives me nuts! However, major points for the hotel for allowing you to check in so early. Sometimes you just need that extra time to rest and check-in times at 3/4 pm are absurd to me.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Aside from the wifi issues, the breakfast and a couple of maintenance requests, this hotel does not seem that bad. To me, the service is always the most important thing, aside from basic comfort. In the end, if you are comfortable and made to feel welcome, you can overlook a few relatively small things and instead focus on whatever reason you had for traveling there. Nice post, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Your room looks airy and spacious, and I love the green colour bedding. Sucks that the internet was bad. I’ve had those issue too at some hotels 😦 But atleast the friendly staff and cute comic signs made up for it.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I really like the posters. The one with Amitabh Bachan is really funny! However, I don’t like the fact that you all had to prove you were married to stay in a room as a couple. Isn’t that a little intrusive? Would the same be required of foreign guests?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it would be required for foreign guests too. It is always best to call up/email and check with the hotel prior to arrival. The problem is with the country, I think the hotel is merely following guidelines put up by the government. It is no doubt very intrusive and a step backward.


  12. That looks like a decent place to stay in – I really admire the minimal interior. The complimentary breakfast is a shame. That is not a proper breakfast, and might not even satisfy one adult, much less two. I’ve had the same experience in the past and it’s just not a great way to start the day!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Oh no – I weak Wifi signal is the worst.. Specially for us travel bloggers that depend on internet connection around the world. haha Despite that inconvenience, everything else sounded like you had a lovely stay. 🙂 Safe travels. – Mariella

    Liked by 1 person

  14. What’s Poha? That Breakfast looked atrocious. We tend to stay in a IK chain called Innkeepers Lodge which do Porridge and full English breakfast that set us up for a days touristing! Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Poha is an Indian dish mostly eaten as a breakfast item. Its wildly famous in Maharashtra (a state of India) and western India, in the other parts its not that popular. Yes the breakfast was very very sad indeed. I would have appreciated if they came and confessed to us that they can’t deliver proper breakfast due to some issues or something. IK chain sounds like a great bet, I would check them out. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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