Munsiyari-My Love Affair With The Himalayas

It was already 8 PM when the bus pulled over in an attempt to relieve its aching muscles. The passengers had been long waiting for the driver to make the final announcement. They are tired by the super-long journey from Almora to Munsiyari. I was there somewhere amidst them, getting tossed by the infinite number of hairpin turns all throughout this 250 kilometer of journey. It was tedious but just like any other Himalayan journey, had its own charm. The pine forests of Kumaon Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India are quite popular and the journey involved occasional breaks whenever a lonesome pine fruit was found loitering in the street. The joy of gathering these is only comparable with the ecstasy of collecting the Apples from orchards of Kinnaur. Sometimes when the distant fog cleared a tuft of the snow-peak becomes viewable and all my restlessness flew off. Continue reading