Baari Village

Baari village is a village tucked away in the Western Ghats near Mumbai. The Kalsubai trek from Mumbai is very popular. The village is the base of Kalsubai trek. Kasara is the nearest railhead and Kasara to Baari distance is 49 kilometres. Kasara to Baari village bus service is irregular so it is better to take the shuttle services. In monsoon season the village looks very green. Waterfalls, clouds and greenery makes the landscape of the village very picturesque. The villagers of Baari village are simple folks. They prepare home-cooked meals for the trekkers on request. The village is a perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai if you are ready to sacrifice the materialistic luxuries and play in the cradle of nature.

  • Bari Village, Maharashtra: Experiencing the three ‘H’- Hut, Hospitality and Homestay

    In 2016 the husband went on his life’s first trek. It was Kalsubai, the highest point in Maharashtra, India. When he showed me the humble photos clicked on his cellphone, the first thing I remember asking him was the name of the base village. “Bari village,” he replied. He went on a ‘pre-arranged group trek’ with a gang of around 40 trekkers. The downside of going on group tours is that you miss out on the one-to-one conversations with locals. Locals rarely approach a large group of travellers for casual chat without any self interest. Things are different when you are vulnerable. So on August 2017, me and the husband…