Elephanta Chronicles: Voyager In The Arabian Sea

When I relocated from Kolkata to Mumbai, I brought with me luggage weighing 49.9kg. I remember the sigh of relief that me, my husband and the lady at the ticketing counter at the airport released. The joy that we didn’t cross the 50kg prepaid threshold. Continue reading

Along The Coast Of Bandra In Mumbai

We walked our way up from Bandra station to its coastline instead of taking a taxi, auto or bus. The Sun was shining over the Arabian Sea in a somewhat unromantic way when we reached the shore. Without my sunglasses I couldn’t dare to look in its direction. I wasn’t particularly enjoying the little beads of sweat which accumulated on my skin. So I called it a day and lounged on a vacant seat under a shady tree. The husband forgot to bring his shades. Of course he was having a tougher time.

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The Murals Of Bandra

Is it possible to be both happy and sad? I guess it is. Blessed are those whose minds are always calm and composed. Well, mine is one hell of a mess. The mess reached its epitome when I was leaving my hometown Kolkata to make a new nest in Mumbai- the city of dreams. Forget the people, I was even missing the walls of my room. The clouds reminded me of my furry ‘stray Persian’ cat! On the other hand I was excited to discover a new city.

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