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Disruption In Bali, Indonesia: Mount Agung in Bali erupted but a larger eruption is expected

Travellers are in trouble, locals wait in anticipation and the entire island of Bali is waiting fingers crossed. Volcanic eruption of Mount Agung had once burnt villages and ravaged the entire island in 1963-64.

Mount Agung is the highest point of Bali and it is considered a region of environmental influence. The mountain was rumbling the entire month of September and people already feared a major eruption may be on the cards.

Bali is a top rated destination and is thronged by visitors all year round. With the holiday season approaching in the western world, tourist traffic is expected to rise. However, the eruption of Mount Agung changes the entire scenario.

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Smoke puffs, ashes and occasional sounds of explosion are being continually heard. Volcanic debris is already on the move along the slopes. The fire from the volcano is increasing in intensity. Fortunately, most of the people living in the surrounding areas have been evacuated. The aviation alert notice has been raised to red and warning issued by National Agency of Disaster Management is on level 4, the highest.

Locals are worried about the well being of their families, livestock and properties. Religious prayer-ceremonies are being held by residents of the island in the hope of averting a greater disaster. Travellers are stranded at airports as flights have been cancelled. Denpasar Airport, the only international airport in Bali, has been shut for 24 hours. It is expected to resume functioning at 7 AM Tuesday if the situation does not worsen. However, people are anxious and living under fear that a major eruption mimicking the one that happened decades ago in 1963 may recur.

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  • Sue Birchall

    I’m in Bali at present and the situation doesn’t seem too dire here….I think the local people from the area have been evacuated, and as long as the mountain doesn’t really blow it’s top, I’m optimistic that the airports will reopen soon.

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