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Partnering Opportunities with Azure Sky Follows

Brand Ambassador: We are open to forming long-term partnerships with travel/food/lifestyle brands to promote their products and/or services through blog posts and social media. We can create engaging content and make use of our social media channels to give your brand exposure.

Reviews: Travel/food/lifestyle brands looking for unbiased standalone reviews of their product and/or services in our blog can contact us. We write reviews on accommodation, restaurants, transport, microtours, multi day tours, food tours, destination, adventure activities, travel gears, lifestyle products and events.

Social Media Shout-outs: Partner with Azure Sky Follows for increasing your travel brand’s value via social media. We can use our social media channels to post an agreed upon number of shout-outs. Currently Azure Sky Follows is active on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram (travel) , Instagram (food) and Zomato only.

Contests and Giveaways: We can allow our blog and social media channels to host contests and giveaways conducted by travel/food/lifestyle brands if they are of our readers’ interest. Any travel/food/lifestyle related product and/or service is eligible to apply.

We believe in ethical blogging so all posts, reviews, shout-outs written by us in our blog in exchange of travel goodies or monetary compensation will contain a disclosure notice. Also, we believe honesty is the best policy so in no circumstance are we going to write a review/post for any brand without experiencing it first.

Hire Tania as a Freelancer

Writing Service: Tania is interested in working for websites and publications as a freelance travel/food/lifestyle writer. Tania can write travel/food/lifestyle articles based upon her own experiences and she can write research based articles as well.

Social Media Management: Tania is available to manage social media accounts of travel/food/lifestyle brands. She is perfectly aware of both the travel/food/lifestyle industry norms and social media trends. She constantly thrives to make her own social media reach deeper, in the process she always develops new skills and learn new tips and tricks.

Contact Us 

To discuss partnering opportunities or to hire Tania as a freelancer email us at .