Darjeeling Day 3: Goodbye The Land Of Kanchenjunga

All over the world, Darjeeling is quite synonymous with tea and tea gardens; yet in this Darjeeling trip we hadn’t visited one single tea plantation. We had seen in Google maps that even the nearest tea garden is quite some distance away, a distance which cannot be travelled on foot in a limited time.

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Darjeeling Day 2: Sightseeing, Food Trail And Shopping

I have no complaints against the hotel room we were staying in apart from the fact that it severely lacked outdoor views. The solitary window was blocked by a structure almost adjacent to it. Afterall OYO had promised to give us a ‘room with view’.

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Darjeeling Day 1: The Flashpacking Honeymoon

“I don’t care if it is too cold to be romantic, I don’t care if it is too short for a trip to the mountains, I want nothing but the Himalayas as my honeymoon destination” I grudged on.

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Sonajhuri- Part 3: When I Had The Entire Place To Myself

The crowd which had gathered for the ‘ShanibarerHaat’ had completely vanished the next day, i.e, a Sunday. My last night in Sonajhuri was already a history and currently I was spending the ‘last day’. I always tend to suffer from incredible bouts of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

The previous night before falling asleep I had promised to myself that next day I would wake up early in the morning at 6AM and go for a long walk to the nearby village and meet the villagers. The medicines I took to cure my painful shingles definitely worked against my plan. At 8 AM I found myself sleepily shouting at someone for creating ‘sound pollution’ and waking me up. Continue reading