Chitwan And The Tharu Dance Show

Like a monkey I sprang from one room to another. I was trying to decide whether I should take up a room in the building or one of the garden huts. I settled with the garden hut.


Garden Area of Eden Jungle Resort

The location of our resort in Chitwan, Nepal was excellent. Chitwan forest surrounded the entire locality, the Sauraha village- home of the Tharu people and the Rapti riverbank both were within walking distance from the resort. I was casually walking about in the resort complex when suddenly my peripheral vision caught sight of something huge. I turned to my left and for a split second considered running away! An elephant was roaming around a shed adjacent to the resort compound. Continue reading

The Chaotic India-Nepal Border Crossing On A Horse Drawn Cart

The loudspeaker blared in Howrah Station as I sat in the Mithila Express along with my parents and a huge group filled with strangers. We were supposed to be reaching Raxaul station early morning next day.

Travelling in Indian trains is an experience in itself, more so when you choose sleeper class. These come at dirt cheap price and guarantee a sneak peek into the true life of Indians.

The cold night in the train was soon over and I opened my eyes to find the dawn light already flowing in through the glass windows; Raxaul station was less than 5 minutes away. I had to choose between properly boarding down from the train and brushing my teeth. I obviously chose the former.

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