Escape to the Moonland: Ladakh

I was sipping coffee in the cold crisp winter morning in my hometown, when a grain of sand came floating and comfortably settled in my hot drink. The sand rekindled a cherished memory of the year 2012-The year when I had traveled to Ladakh. It is hard to describe its allure in words. Located in the northern tip of India, Ladakh flaunts a purely central Asian landscape. Let’s take a virtual journey through the ‘Moon Mountains’. Continue reading

The Mood Of Kochi

It was the January of 2014 that I wandered along the streets of Kochi, what mostly caught my five senses was the easy mix of east and west that we find in this city. Kochi is relaxed with blue waters, blue sky and an unavoidable mix of European culture! Yes this city is worth a visit just to experience what a collage of east and west would look like! Continue reading