Welcome Matey! We are Tania and Sayan, a twenty-something married couple who lives in Mumbai, India. We are not full-time travelers and enjoy coming home to our roots, family and friends after a trip gets over. Azure Sky Follows was launched to document all the good and bad experiences that we encountered while traveling.

Change is the only constant. So, with the passage of time the blog expanded from being just a travel blog to a blog which caters to readers of the niches – travel, food and lifestyle. Being food lovers, we couldn’t have denied space to food articles for long in our blog.

Timeline Of Our Life

Tania – I was born in the suburban town of Howrah in India. The year that I was born in has special importance in the timeline of my country. In that year Indian economy was liberalized. The country integrated with world economy and thanks to it I can lead a laptop lifestyle without much hassle.
I studied Economics in college and earned a bachelor’s (undergraduate) degree. However, it was while pursuing my master’s (postgraduate) degree in university that I attained some intellectual development.
Life got serious after leaving university and it took me a lot of time to realize what I want from life. I also became conscious of another life fact: No matter how hard you have worked to attain your coveted degree; they really don’t matter much. After leaving university the laptop became my best friend and I was hooked to it. During this time I got introduced to the world of bloggers and I instantly fell in love with the industry.

Sayan – Born in Kolkata in 1991, an alumnus of Indian Institute Of Technology Guwahati; he is my husband and the editor of this blog. On my big birthday year when I turned 18, I got the best gift of my life. I met my better half Sayan Banerjee in an engineering examination hall. A true foodie by nature, I believe if Sayan has to ever quit his current job, his next best career option would be ‘becoming a chef’. He is my inspiration, my support system. He is the only one who is always with me in both good and bad times and yet never suffocates me with his love. After his full time job hours, he takes time out to proofread my articles, edit them and give me an honest feedback. Also, he is the official photographer of this blog.

From My Blog To Our Blog I married Sayan on 22nd January 2017 in the auspicious hours of late night and shifted my base from Kolkata to Mumbai. As we no longer stay in different cities, the marriage also guaranteed me a permanent travel partner. Currently Sayan is not just the editor of this blog but also the constant companion in my travel and food adventures. He is the photographer of more than 90% photos that I put up in the blog. Frankly speaking we rarely remember who took which photo! We act as a team and the blog belongs to both of us.

Travel, Food and Us

Tania – I come from a family of ardent travelers. My father is a seasoned mountaineer and my cousin and maternal uncle both run their own travel business. It is but natural that the travel bug bit me at an early stage. I love exploring new lands, interacting with people and getting soaked in their livelihood. I enjoy tripping in both offbeat locations and touristy places. I like trying out adventure sports and local cuisines of the place that I travel to. I promote responsible tourism and discourage travelers from doing anything that may harm the environment, wildlife or local livelihood.
I have traveled extensively in India from the high Himalayas in the north to the sandy beaches of south. Outside my country I had only been to Nepal.

My interest in food primarily lies in ‘all things sweet’. I am obsessed with sweets and I believe it has something to do with my Bengali background. I don’t think twice before over-eating sweets. I am definitely a ‘dessert’ person.

But, I also take immense interest in trying out all sorts of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. I am there for anything creamy, cheesy or spicy. I am not the one who fancies eating bizarre food.

Sayan – Sayan’s family background has been quite opposite to that of mine. Almost all his family members has been high achievers in academics but apart from an aunt there is no one in his immediate family with an incurable wanderlust. I am responsible to a great extent for inspiring the ‘itchy feet’ in him. Since then he had travelled to various locations in North-East India and Maharashtra in India.

Sayan is greatly responsible for increasing the TRPs of all the cookery shows that air in TV. Masterchef, Hell’s Kitchen to name a few. He takes keen interest in the art of making food. He is a big cheese and sweet lover, but, unlike me he fancies eating bizarre food.

We hope our readers would enjoy our tales of discovery while on our journeys which truly depicts the spirit of Azure Sky Follows.

Azure Sky Follows-Why This Name?

‘Azure’ means bright blue. We live on planet Earth and the blue sky follows us everywhere. Holding the metaphorical hand of that sky, we travel with it as our companion. We relish the azure canopy in the mountains, we walk over the clouds in the hills, we enjoy the green after the rain, we like to discover the path where none has tread before. We fight to differentiate the mirage from the reality amidst the sands and the sand-dunes. We watch the wild in their natural habitat, live with the locals, taste their food. The blog will fly you over the beaches and the mountains. Come let us take you through the journey of the world. Join us in our adventures!


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