Urby Passport Holder – The Affordable Luxury

We were in the wilderness of Maharashtra. Husband was away on some work and I was alone. “If I am late one more minute, the waiters and cooks will latch the dining hall and leave for their homes. I will miss lunch,” I thought to myself. It is not a good idea to miss lunch when I am acres away from proper civilization and without … Continue reading Urby Passport Holder – The Affordable Luxury

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Why Every Traveller Needs Packing Cubes

From the year 2014 I have been reading about the wonders of packing cubes. In every list of ‘things that travellers must own’ there was a mention of these packing cubes. Backpackers, suitcase travellers and even travellers like my husband who can literally survive on nothing raved about this. I always wanted to own a set for myself and see the difference it brings upon my travels. I found my one-stop-shop at Bagail.com.

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