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Travelcube : Why Every Traveller Needs Packing Cubes

From the year 2014 I have been reading about the wonders of packing cube or travelcube. In every list of ‘things that travellers must own’ there was a mention of these packing cubes. Backpackers, suitcase travellers and even travellers like my husband who can literally survive on nothing raved about this. I always wanted to own a set for myself and see the difference it brings upon my travels. I found my one-stop-shop at

What is packing cube or travelcube?

It’s completely okay if you are still not aware of the existence of these products. Rewind a few years and I was in your shoes. Packing cubes are cube or cuboid shaped zippered containers which comes in different sizes and are generally used to pack in clothes while travelling. They are redefining packing style and in a few years they would be considered an absolute necessity while travelling.

travelcube Bagail Packing cubes 3 - The Azure Sky Follows - Tania Mukherjee (Copy)

Why We Love Bagail Packing Cubes

Fabric – We hate it when brands don’t deliver the quality they promised customers. However, no need to worry about any such cheating with Bagail. The cubes are made of quality fabric which can endure the uncertainty of our travels. The threads are well stitched and hold the product in shape properly.

Durability – We do not recommend any product unless it is expected to last a few years if not a lifetime. Given the solid structure of Bagail packing cubes we presume it to last atleast a few years, no matter how careless a traveller we are!

Good Zipper – The first thing that crosses our mind while buying a zippered product are the terrible zipper problems. Broken zipper, stuck zipper, broken slider and what not. The zippers in Bagail packing cubes come without any of these problems. It moves smoothly and we are exempted from breaking our fingers trying to solve zipper problems!

Sizes – The three different sizes of the Baigail packing cubes allows us to better organise our stuff.  It ensures no space is wasted. They fit in easily in backpacks, suitcases, duffel bags and even in handbags.

Proper Ventilation– Do we like living in an airless box? No. Neither does our clothes. So we were really happy to learn the Bagail packing cubes has a mesh top panel for proper ventilation which will allow our clothes to breathe. Also identifications of the contents become easier with the mesh top panel.

Colours – The husband may find colours unimportant but I have an affinity towards colourful products. The Bagail packing cubes are available in bright shades of fuchsia, purple, pink, blue, dark blue, burgundy, gray and black. I am debating on which one I liked the best!

travelcube Bagail Packing cubes 5 - The Azure Sky Follows - Tania Mukherjee (Copy)
Bring order in your luggage

How to use Packing Cubes while Travelling

Family Trip Categorization – If you are going on a family trip, you can use the three different cubes to pack clothes of three different family members. No time will be wasted in searching for clothes. No matter how long you travel or how many times your luggage gets mishandled, things will never be messed up in the luggage with the packing cubes in place.

Cloth Categorization – Keep all your jeans/trousers in one cube, pack your t-shirts / shirts / tops in another and use the third one to stuff in the socks and undies. That’s what I call clean packing!

The Used Clothes vs Fresh Clothes Categorization – If you hate dumping the stained, dirty clothes with the fresh ones in your luggage then packing cubes may just solve this problem for you. Heap all your used clothes in one of the cubes to keep them separate from the fresh clothes.

travelcube Bagail Packing cubes 6 - The Azure Sky Follows - Tania Mukherjee (Copy)
Pack of 6 Packing Cubes

Get Rid Of Excess Baggage Charge While Flying

How you ask? When the person at the airport informs that your luggage has crossed the maximum weight limit you don’t panic, you don’t unpack, you don’t mess up, you don’t leave anything at the airport, and you don’t pay the excess baggage charge. Instead you simply take one or two cubes out of the luggage and use it as your carry-on!

travelcube Bagail Packing cubes 4 - The Azure Sky Follows - Tania Mukherjee (Copy)

Hope you loved reading this article.

Comment below if you have any further questions on packing cubes! If you already own packing cubes comment below to let us know how the packing cubes made your life easier!


Disclaimer: This post has been written in collaboration with Bagail. But as usual, all opinions and experiences expressed here are our own.

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