Cyclone Ockhi Alert in Gujarat and Maharashtra in India

Mumbai, India is witnessing rainy and windy weather conditions from Monday thanks to the development of cyclone Ockhi. The storm is predicted to make landfall tonight in the coastal areas of Gujarat.  It is advisable to hold back all your travel plans in the two states of Maharashtra and Gujarat till the stormy weather passes away.

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As a measure to minimise troubles and losses, schools are shut, fishermen had been issued warning, the railways are on alert and the disaster management action plan is ready in Mumbai. The ‘very severe’ category storm is expected to weaken by the time it hits Konkan Maharashtra and coastal Gujarat.

The cyclone already affected three countries on the coast of Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, Maldives and India.

The cyclone formed around the sea surrounding Sri Lanka and ravaged the country. The meteorological department of Sri Lanka failed in predicting the true potential of the storm in a timely fashion and hence it saw loss of life and properties.

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The island nation of Maldives suffered storm tides, flood and damage of properties. On its rough seas, isolated incidents of capsized boats happened.

In India the storm already lashed the shores of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Lakshadweep. The cyclone was deadly and already took several lives. It also uprooted trees and affected electricity connection. Some heavy budgeted infrastructure projects were also badly damaged by the storm.

Ockhi is now moving north-eastward and is about to hit the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Maharashtra is already witnessing rainfall as its effect.

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